Toshiaki Tashiro

Toshiaki Tashiro

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In the world of designers' strict typography, Tashiro freely runs his brush as a painter.

Toshiro Tashiro, who has continued to express his unique worldview through his unique colors and patterns, easily jumps over each of the "boundaries" that have been drawn. The “26 works” that were born in this way are assembled as a typeface, gaining meaning as words, and being born as a new work.

Enjoy the intersection of pop art and typography, the "new language" created by painter Toshiro Tashiro.

[Toshiro Tashiro]

Born March 1, 1980 in Saga Prefecture. He currently has studios in Tokyo and Yamanashi.
He graduated from the Saga Prefectural Saga Kita High School art course art course, and dropped out of the private Osaka University of Arts, Department of Visual Arts.

When he was in high school, he was the youngest 16-year-old winner of the Saga Prefectural Exhibition's foreign-style painting category (Prefectural Governor's Award, Ryoichi Yamaguchi's Award).
After dropping out of college, he started working as a painter.
2003 Selected by Katsuhiko Hibino, Takashi Murakami and others to exhibit at Roppongi Hills Mori Arts Center "Artist by Artists".
In 2010, selected for the Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition.
Selected for Tokyo Wonder Wall in 2011 (exhibited at Tokyo Wonder Seed in 2012).
In 2011, more than 700 original works were purchased over a three-year period
for the "5000 Yen Project," which was started as a volunteer after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In 2014, he was selected as the
artist who will be the basis for the design of all packages for the new brand "DOUX' DAMOUR", which was born to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Hiyoko Honpo.
In 2015, he released "New Language, New Communication" with the theme of language and the collapse of Gestalt.
Published his first collection of works, New Language, New Communication (Wooly Arts).
In 2017, he participated as the main artist in his first exhibition "wooly in blooklyn" in Brooklyn, New York.
In the same year, he was selected as an artist to commemorate the grand opening of Fukuoka Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Bookstore,
and held his solo exhibition "THE VERY END OF DAWN."
A variety of concepts and statements are being developed for each exhibition.
Since 2019, he has been holding unique art workshops that are interpreted from various perspectives such as art thinking, counseling, therapy and healing. Currently, there are more than 300 students, and 10 online workshops are held annually.