Tobitate! LGBTQ+6 High School Story

Tobitate! LGBTQ+6 High School Story

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Comics, essays, and related materials in one volume.
Understand, learn, and support young LGBTQ+ people's worries through heart-wrenching stories filled with worries, hesitation, kindness, and courage.

Rin feels uncomfortable being treated as a man, but worries that she doesn't want to live as a woman. She can't accept her gay sexuality, so she tends to be negative about everything and harass those around her. Transfer student Sayaka is a lesbian with a strong sense of justice. Satoshi is a quiet honor student type, Kota is an open gay man with a bright and feminine atmosphere, and Hina has a bright and kind personality.

These are teens struggling to be honest with themselves and not want to hurt anyone.

The first confession (coming out) to those around you, the first time you find people who understand you and your friends, the difficulty of keeping an appropriate distance from them, and the constant self Conflict with. Studying abroad decided after she was troubled.

Comic "Secret to Say": Kuro Nohara
Dropped out of Pratt Institute in New York. Debuted as a manga artist in December 1995 with Barazoku (February 1996 issue). After that, while working as an illustrator, he published three volumes of the book "Milk" from Furukawa Shobo. , In addition, the new work "Genta likes me" is being serialized in the web magazine "newTOKYO". Produced by 6699press in South Korea, "Kimi no Senaka" was published in South Korea and Taiwan, and was also published in Japan and became a hot topic. In France, it was also made into a book after being serialized as an e-book. Also active in "Kuro to Ao" with Ao Sakurai, guitarist of the band cali≠gari.

Essay/useful materials: Esmeralda
Since 1994, she has appeared in various events, media, and on stage as a drag queen. In 2002, he obtained a Tokyo "Heaven Artist" license.
He is also active as a screenwriter and writer, working on stage and drama scripts and translating the Toho musical "Priscilla" (directed by Amon Miyamoto). His recent book is "Logical Memo" (published by Ascom). Also, in December 2018, produced by lyricist Neko Oikawa and composer Hideya Nakazaki, they formed the drag queen diva unit "Happo Fubijin" and made their CD debut.