Benetton Keith Haring Kids Long Sleeve World Pink

Benetton Keith Haring Kids Long Sleeve World Pink

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Keith Haring and Benetton collaboration items are here!

Keith Haring's colorful print design is appealing to children's long sleeve cut and sew. I think even adults can use it depending on the size. It is a piece with a strong presence with the Benetton icon mark on the back. An item that looks great as an outerwear. 


This item is for kids.

Please be careful when purchasing.

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●What is Keith Haring: The standard-bearer of American pop art in the 1980s. He makes full use of bold omissions and deformations, and uses techniques that combine simplified patterns in various ways to create uniquely cynical expressions of serious subjects, such as prayers for peace and raising social issues, always with easy-to-understand motifs. continued to tell. He worked on dynamic expressions one after another, such as the mural painting of the Berlin Wall, the 100th anniversary project of the Statue of Liberty, the Hiroshima atomic bomb and anti-war, drug eradication, and the Parthenon Tama mural painting. A genius artist who died young at the age of 31.

(C) Keith Haring Foundation

XS (110cm)
Shoulder Width: 28 / Bust: 68 / Sleeve Length: 39 / Length: 46
S (120cm)
Shoulder Width: 31 / Bust: 74 / Sleeve length: 43 / Length: 49
M (130cm)
Shoulder width: 32 / Bust: 76 / Sleeve length: 47 / Length: 51
L (140cm)
Shoulder width: 34 / Bust: 82 / Sleeve length: 50 / Length: 55
XL (150cm)
Shoulder width: 35 / Bust: 84 / Sleeve length: 55 / Length : 59
EL (160cm)
Shoulder width: 36 / Bust: 88 / Sleeve length: 58 / Length: 62
KL (170cm)
Shoulder width : 38 / Bust: 88 / Sleeve length: 58 / Dress length: 64

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