The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums

The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums

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French people's excitement at the Japanese art museum

From October 2018, it will be made into a TV program! Now airing on BS11 (every Friday from 20:00) and TOKYO MX (every Sunday from 12:00)! Visit the museum introduced in the article!


A guidebook of museums that are truly worth visiting, selected by Sophie Richard, a French art historian who loves Japanese art.

An art historian who loved Yasunari Inoue and Yasunari Kawabata and loved Kurosawa's films, he wandered into the former Asakura residence in Daikanyama and awakened to the splendor of Japanese museums.


, he has spent the last 10 years visiting museums all over Japan, conducting detailed research and publishing. He was highly praised in the English-speaking world as an excellent guide with easy-to-understand explanations backed by expert knowledge and information for travelers.

In the Japanese version, comments on each museum and a message to Japanese readers are added. In 2015, the author was awarded the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner for Cultural Affairs award in the category of cultural dissemination in recognition of his efforts to convey the appeal of Japanese art to the West.

Perfect for reviewing as well as preparing for visiting museums! ・Detailed and easy-to-understand explanations of Japanese art.・Rediscover the appeal of museum architecture and works of art from a perspective that Japanese people do not notice.・You can learn basic things about Japanese culture that you didn't know. Easy-to-carry, easy-to-read size that's perfect for a museum tour.

Original title "The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums"

Sophie Richard (Author) Yayoi Yamamoto (Translation)

[Museums featured in this book]

Towada Art Center (Aomori), Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum (Tokyo), Ota Memorial Museum (Tokyo), Sankeien Garden (Kanagawa), Clematis no Oka (Shizuoka), Shigemori Mirei Garden Museum ( Kyoto Prefecture), Benesse Art Site Naoshima (Kagawa Prefecture), Ohara Museum of Art (Okayama Prefecture), and other 57 museums.