Tantan tango is two dads

Tantan tango is two dads

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There are many different families in the zoo. But the Penguin Tango family was different from any of them. A true story about a penguin family. Selected as a Notable Children's Book by the American Library Association. A topical work that has won numerous awards.

Author information

Richardson, Justin
MD. Associate professor at Columbia University and Cornell University. There is a book that answers questions about sex that children want to know but are difficult for parents to ask, and parents have answered in the New York Times, the TV programs Today and 20/20, and the radio program NPR's Morning Edition.

Parnell, Peter
Writer. The latest work QED will be performed on Broadway. Former co-producer of the TV show The West Wing.

Cole, Henry
illustrator living in New York. He has many talents, including illustrations for Harvey Firesteen's picture book "The Sissy Duckling" and many other picture books. Washington D. C. Lives

Kanako Otsuji
Born in 1974. She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University. When she was 28 in 2003, she became the youngest member of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly for the first time. She came out as a lesbian in 2005. She is the first lawmaker in Japan to publicly declare her homosexuality. In 2007, he ran for the House of Councilors

Kazuo Maeda
Born in 1947 in Tokyo. Graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo. While working as a translator, non-fiction writer, and editor, he runs a planning company (this data was published at the time this book was published)