Pop Shop Baby Tee Red

Pop Shop Baby Tee Red

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POPSHOP original

Printed on 100% super soft combed cotton working with the original screener used for the Pop Shop's store in New York City.


Small: Sleeve 20.32cm", Chest 88.9cm", Length 71.12cm"
Medium: Sleeve 21.42cm", Chest 99.06cm", Length (Length)73.66cm
Large: Sleeve(sleeve)22.86cm", Chest(Chest)109.22cm", Length(Length)76.2cm

[What is POP SHOP?]
At the beginning of the 1980s, "Subway Drawing" was a painting on black paper pasted on a billboard in the New York subway. Keith Haring became famous.

But. As soon as his name became known to the world, contrary to Haring's wishes, subway drawings were illegally taken from the subway one after another and resold. Haring quit subway drawing in 1986 and started a new art project for communication. That's the "pop shop".

Goods designed by himself, such as can badges, postcards, T-shirts, and small radios, were lined up in a shop with drawings of Haring from the ceiling to the floor. Following in the footsteps of Andy Warhol, who turned American consumer culture into a sublime art, in an era without the internet or iPod, he decided to sell 100 million yen of art to a single collector instead of selling it to a single dollar collector. I thought about distributing art to 100 million people.